Airport Cyberattacks Reported Across the United States

Over a dozen of the websites for some of nation’s largest airports were temporarily brought offline on Monday morning, with Russian-speaking hackers claiming responsibility. The airports affected by the attack included LaGuardia in New York City, Chicago O’Hare, Denver, and LAX among others. Thankfully, these attacks did not affect air traffic control, internal airport communication, or other important airport operations. However, the interruption did cause an inconvenience to travelers who were attempting to access information such as wait times, capacity, etc.

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Former Uber CISO Facing Prison Time After Mishandling Cyberattack

Former Chief Information Security Officer of Uber, Joe Sullivan, has been found guilty of obstructing an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission into Uber’s security practices. He is also charged with covering up a 2016 data breach from authorities. These charges are likely to make Sullivan the first executive to face prison time for mishandling a cyberattack.

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7 Personal Cybersecurity Tips to Help Keep Your Data Safe

  1. Keep your software up to date

One of the most important tips to mitigate ransomware is to patch outdated software in the operating system as well as applications. These updates help to get rid of vulnerabilities that hackers can use to access your data. Some things that you can do is to turn on automatic updates on your device, use automatic security updates on your browser, and keep plugins like Flash or Java updated as well.

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Australia Plans to Toughen Privacy Rules After Cyberattack on Optus

Austrailian telecommunications company, Optus, was hit by one of Australia’s biggest data breaches in history. The company has stated that the home addresses, passport numbers, and divers’ licenses of around 10 million customers were compromised. The hacker briefly released the records of 10,200 people as well as demanding $1 million in cryptocurrency for the data. This breach could have an effect on 40% of Australia’s total population and could leave many users at a heightened risk of fraud.

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5 Cyber Certification Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Employment

  1. Research the best certifications to hold in the cyber field you are interested in.

In a field as varied as cybersecurity, there are a plethora of different certifications ranging from entry level to highly technical. Depending on the positions and fields you want to pursue, look at some job descriptions and see what kind of experience or certifications they are asking for. Remember that certifications are more of a plus than a requirement in job descriptions, but having them can definitely improve your chances of landing the job and excelling in that field.

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10 Interview Tips to Help You Make a Great Impression on Potential Employers

Going through the interview process for a new job can be incredibly daunting. It is your chance to sell yourself and your skills to a company and make the best impression that you can. But, it is also your chance to find out if the company and job are right for you. Using these tips below can help you be prepared and nail your interviews.

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The Complete Guide to Networking Tips for Successful Career Development

What is Networking?

Networking is the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. Networking is a lifestyle process that has become more common, especially with the enhancement of social media. There are hundreds of networking tips and tricks that will drive you to a successful career.

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