10 Interview Tips to Help You Make a Great Impression on Potential Employers

POSTED September 08

10 Interview Tips to Help You Make a Great Impression on Potential Employers

Going through the interview process for a new job can be incredibly daunting. It is your chance to sell yourself and your skills to a company and make the best impression that you can. But, it is also your chance to find out if the company and job are right for you. Using these tips below can help you be prepared and nail your interviews.

Tip 1: Research the company and their team.

Try to learn as much information as you can about the company before your interview. You can look at their website, social media accounts, recent press releases, and some google searches of your own. You should get a better idea of the company and be ready to answer any questions on why you want to work there or what you can do for them.

Tip 2: Use family, friends, or even the mirror to practice answering common interview questions.

Make sure you are prepared to answer the common questions as well if they come up, such as telling them about yourself or why you are interested in their company. Although not all may not be asked in every interview, you must be prepared to answer anything they might want to know.

Tip 3: Bring 2 or 3 copies of your resume.

You never know how many people will be in your interview, as it could be a team. You must bring more than one copy of your resume so that you can provide it to whoever may need to see it.

Tip 4: Prepare questions of your own that you would like to ask the interviewer.

Many interviews involve asking if you have any questions about the position and you should always have questions. Just be sure to not ask anything that was already gone over during the interview. You should also plan questions that are very specific to the role or company.

Tip 5: Write a hand-written thank you note for the interviewer.

Ask for the business card of every person that you speak with during the interview process, and follow up with a thank you letter or email to them. A thank you note can go a long way in the impression that you make on them.

Tip 6: ALWAYS tell the TRUTH during an interview.

It may seem appealing to embellish your skills or achievements, but it may not make the impression you think it does. Interviewers find honesty refreshing and it could help them see you more fondly.

Tip 7: Keep the conversation positive, especially when talking about a previous employer.

It is best to always be positive in your responses to questions. Even if your previous employment situation was horrible, leave it as “wasn’t a good fit.” It happens to most people at some point in their careers.

Tip 8: Never expect a job offer within the first round of interviews. Most companies can perform up to 4 interview round before deciding.

Instead of expecting there to be an offer, ask your interviewer what the next steps in the process are and what you should be expecting.

Tip 9: Show up to your interview 15 minutes early.

Showing up early not only can make a good impression but also gives you a chance to observe the workplace dynamics.

Tip 10: If it is a virtual interview, please use the background filters.

A downside of virtual interviews is that employers can get a peek into your personal life or reveal some things you would want private. An appropriate background filter can keep the interview professional, even if you do not have a home office set up.

Following these tips, you should be able to go through the interview process with no trouble and giving you a great chance of landing your desired position.

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