5 Cyber Certification Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Employment

POSTED September 22

5 Cyber Certification Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Employment

  1. Research the best certifications to hold in the cyber field you are interested in.

In a field as varied as cybersecurity, there are a plethora of different certifications ranging from entry level to highly technical. Depending on the positions and fields you want to pursue, look at some job descriptions and see what kind of experience or certifications they are asking for. Remember that certifications are more of a plus than a requirement in job descriptions, but having them can definitely improve your chances of landing the job and excelling in that field.

  1. Take practice certifications tests and study the information more than once.

When you decide what certifications you would like to pursue, make sure you study once a day and take as many practice tests as you can. Those hiring you expect you to be proficient in that field, so you need to make sure you know all the information you need like the back of your hand. 

  1. CISSP (Certified Information Systems Securty Professional) is one of the most used certifications in cybersecurity.

CISSP is one of the most globally-recognized certifications in the informations security field. It is required by most governments and organzations around the world because it demonstrates that you have an extensive technical knowledge of the field and would be able to apply that knowledge when dealing with a wide variety of situations. 

  1. CompTIA Security+ is a great entry level certification to hold.

CompTIA Security + is another globally-recognized certification that validates that you possess the baseline skills to pursue a IT security career. The certification emphasizes hand-on practical skills to prepare you to handle and problem solve a variety of issues. There are plenty of positions that this certification prepares you for such as security engineer, systems administrator, penetration tester, and much more.

  1. (CCNA) CISCO Certified Network Associate is great for breaking into the Network Technician/Support area.

A CCNA certification covers networking and security fundamentals, IP services, automation, and programability. It proves that you have the skills to manage and optimize the most advanced networks and that you have what it takes to navigate the IT environment. Some roles where this certification is especially prominent include Network Engineer, IT Support Specialist, Network Administrator, and more.

Overall, these cyber certifications offer a better credibility to your talent, so it is best that you do get certified. At the same time, a ton of certifications with no experience will not help you get hired faster. It is best to do a lot of certifications while you are also gaining real-life experience in similar roles. Remember that certifications can be pricey, so do your research before spending your money!

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