Make Your Bed. Tips for Virtual Interviews

POSTED June 21

Make Your Bed. Tips for Virtual Interviews

By: Victoria Mauro

Since the global pandemic, COVID-19, the world had to face changes to adapt, especially in the work world. Interviews were being done over the phone or on video platforms like Zoom. Although some companies were always interviewing like this, many companies and job seekers had to adjust to this work and interview lifestyle. 

Sometimes it feels like we have been in this pandemic for years and are just getting the hang of it. Some people who have never done an interview online should follow 4 important tips from us at Cyber Job Central. We are a remote company that knows purely about online interviewing. 

The first step is a strong PSA for setting up your space before the interview. If interviewers can see your personal space, make sure that your space is clean, tidy, and professional. You may also use some of the background green screens that platforms like Zoom, Teams, and more offer. You wouldn’t want your potential job to be at risk because you show them you are not put together and are unprofessional. 

A second step is to review your outfit for work-appropriate matters. Even though your interview is online and they can only see your upper half, it is always better to get fully dressed up. Getting fully dressed up will make you feel and look more professional and confident. Avoid wearing T-shirts, tank tops, strapless tops, sweatshirts, and others along these lines. 

Thirdly, check on your computer and the internet. If you always struggle with your internet while using your computer, it is time to fix that.  Nothing is more unprofessional than a candidate’s computer, camera, or microphone keeps freezing. This can cause you to have to reschedule or lose the job gig. You can use websites to check your internet speed and if it is laggy, go to a local library and hold your interview there. 

Lastly, make sure your computer is on and do not disturb. There is nothing more unprofessional than a potential candidate’s computer blowing up with messages and emails during a virtual interview. There are settings for do not disturb or turning notifications off on all types of electronic devices. 

If you follow these few steps, along with being professional through your body movements and words, you will have a successful interview process. Be sure to check out our job openings so you can get interviewed, at 

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