A Deeper Dive Into Cyber Jobs Being Affected By a Recession

POSTED June 07

A Deeper Dive Into Cyber Jobs Being Affected By a Recession

By: Victoria Mauro

On May 24th of 2022, we at Cyber Job Central wanted to hear your opinion or thoughts on if cyber jobs will be affected in the case of a recession. There is no 100% guarantee that the choice we side with is the whole truth of what could happen. However, with research from reliable sources and companies, we were able to come up with the decision of no. No, cyber jobs will not be affected if there were to be a recession. 

Let’s look into what our social media audience had to say about our intriguing question. We posted this poll on 3 different platforms and received some amazing responses. Starting with Instagram, we received a split decision from this poll. Having received a 50/50 response with about 40 participants, this was a great start. Next, we look into Twitter, where we received a smaller amount of participants but we still ended up with 60% of our audience thinking that cyber jobs will be affected if we went into a recession. Lastly, we have LinkedIn, which is where our poll came to life. We hit almost 100 participants, 35% of those responded yes, they will be affected and 65% of those responded no they will not be affected. 

Now that we have shared our poll results with you, let’s discuss why we think that cyber jobs will not be affected by a recession. Technology jobs are pretty much recession-proof. After going through such a hard global pandemic, companies were forced to lay off workers, cut salaries, and so much more. A lot of tech companies did not face most of these struggles during COVID-19 because of the world we currently live in. Almost, if not everything, has been converted to an electronic platform. This is where tech jobs thrive the most. While people could lose their jobs in a recession, cyber jobs would continue to thrive for many reasons. 

The main reason that people in cyber/technology fields would not be affected by a recession is that they can work from home. With the right access and the right equipment, cyber jobs can perform all of their duties from their home. Another main reason is because of the fear that is instilled in companies during a recession requires the help of a cyber worker. Many companies fear that a recession could cause hackers and cyber crimes against their companies so to handle this they will need a cyber professional who can monitor and protect their information. Finally, cyber/IT jobs are listed as the second-highest job that will survive a recession. This is because companies who had to change their whole daily functions around during a time like COVID needed IT workers. An example of this would be schools. Schools were closed for in-person classes and required online learning platforms for an unknown amount of time. During this time, schools need cyber professionals to help them learn, adjust, and fix any platform they were required to perform on. 

Of course, as we stated above, there is no clear answer as to what will truly happen to the world of cybersecurity during a recession but with the knowledge and work efforts put in by these professionals, we can make it through. We can be a recession-proof industry. If you are in cybersecurity now and want to be prepared for your next opportunity or if you are already looking for your next opportunity, be sure to create your profile ready at www.cyberjobcentral.com

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