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Australia’s Biggest Health Insurer Suffers Major Hack

Australia’s leading Health Insurer, Medibank Private Ltd, has said that a hacker had compromised the data of all of the company’s 3.9 million customers. Medibank covers a sixth of the country’s entire population and the attack comes just one month after Australian telecommunications company, Optus, was breached in a similar fashion. All personal data and a significant number of health claims data were compromised with Medibank continuing to discover the specific data that was stolen.

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Australia Plans to Toughen Privacy Rules After Cyberattack on Optus

Austrailian telecommunications company, Optus, was hit by one of Australia’s biggest data breaches in history. The company has stated that the home addresses, passport numbers, and divers’ licenses of around 10 million customers were compromised. The hacker briefly released the records of 10,200 people as well as demanding $1 million in cryptocurrency for the data. This breach could have an effect on 40% of Australia’s total population and could leave many users at a heightened risk of fraud.

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